Still Pickiní - Still Entertaininí Jimmy Henley
Best Of Jimmy Henley Banjo Instrumentals Released in 1994
Shuckin’ The Corn An old banjo breakdown made famous by Earl Scruggs.  It moves at a fast and furious pace and demonstrates the type of ability it takes to be a top-notch bluegrass musician.  At the end of this cut, in gesture of relief and “horseplay,”  Jerry “Flux” Douglas throws his dobro bar on the floor. Banjo - Jimmy Henley Fiddle - Glenn Duncan Dobro - Jerry “Flux” Douglas Acoustic Guitar - Jimmy Henley, Carl Jackson Piano - Bob Patin Drums - Steve Turner Bass - Dave Pomeroy Producer - Carl Jackson Little Rock Getaway A guitar number made famous by Les Paul,  It’s a number that sounds like it would be impossible to play on a banjo and demonstrates how banjo picking has evolved new techniques in recent years. Banjo - Jimmy Henley Mandolin - Bobby Clark Acoustic Guitar - James Henley Bass - Vince Gill Producer - James and Jimmy Henley
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