Still Pickiní - Still Entertaininí Jimmy Henley
Duelin’ Banjos The song from the movie “Deliverance”.  It is more enjoyable to see it performed as a duel of instruments rather than just to hear it played. Banjo - Jimmy Henley Mandolin - Bobby Clark Acoustic Guitar - James Henley Bass - Vince Gill Producers - James and Jimmy Henley Bird’s Eye A mandolin tune written by Shelby Eicher.  It is very melodic and requires great concentration to play the chromatic notes on the banjo. Banjo - Jimmy Henley Mandolin - Jimmy Henley Acoustic Guitar - James Henley Piano - Larry Benson Drums - Steve Wright Bass - Marty Shrabel Producers - James and Jimmy Henley
Best Of Jimmy Henley Banjo Instrumentals Released in 1994
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