Still Pickiní - Still Entertaininí Jimmy Henley
Song For Susan Written by Carl Jackson for his wife.  It is a song that underscores the fact that recently, there has been much new new knowledge discovered concerning banjo technique. Banjo - Jimmy Henley Mandolin - Bobby Clark Acoustic Guitar - James Henley Bass - Vince Gill Producers - James and Jimmy Henley The Kingfisher A number written by Gene King, who played lead guitar for Jody Miller Originally, written for lead guitar and steel.  It is fast moving number with subtle changes.  It emphasizes the determination of banjo players to play the more progressive styles in adapting the banjo to any musical situation. Banjo - Jimmy Henley Mandolin - Jimmy Henley Steel - Troy Klontz Acoustic Guitar - James Henley Bass - Marty Shrabel Drums - Steve Wright Producers - James and Jimmy Henley
Best Of Jimmy Henley Banjo Instrumentals Released in 1994
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