Still Pickiní - Still Entertaininí Jimmy Henley
Best Of Jimmy Henley Banjo Instrumentals Released in 1994
Sledd Ride A banjo number that is characteristic of the unique style of Sonny Osborne.  It is easy listening and has nice little turns and surprises in the melody. Banjo - Jimmy Henley Mandolin - Bobby Clark Acoustic Guitar - James Henley Bass - Vince Gill Producers - James and Jimmy Henley Rawhide An old standard bluegrass number written by Bill Monroe.  It is a number that will reveal the level of skill and dexterity of all who attempt to play it.  It is like running down a hill at “Full Tilt” - Don’t Stumble! Banjo - Jimmy Henley Mandolin - Jimmy Henley Fiddle - Glenn Duncan Steel - Bruce Bouton Acoustic Guitar - Carl Jackson, Jimmy Henley Piano - Gary Smith Drums - Steve Turner Bass - Dave Pomeroy Producers - Carl Jackson
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