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hear him at the Memphis contest:" This is spooky, I heard about this kid and didn't believe it, now that I have heard him play, I still don't believe it!” It was probably the World Championship Title that got the attention of Roy Clark….and an invitation to a meeting at the New Mexico State Fair in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After Jimmy performed for the star of TV’s popular Hee Haw, Roy immediately discovered that this was not just a cute little boy playing the banjo. He remarked: "It was all there and strong as a garlic milkshake!" Jimmy and his father made their debut on the show shortly after that fateful meeting. After five planned appearances on Hee Haw, and as a guest on The Grand Ole Opry, Jimmy and his dad were hired as regular cast members on Roy's show…. and remained in his employ for over twenty-five years. During those twenty-five years, Jimmy has not only toured Russia with the Roy Clark Show---receiving countless ovations---but has appeared on numerous television and variety shows. Jimmy learned his craft from some of the biggest names in country and bluegrass music, and has emerged as not only a gifted musician, but an all-round popular entertainer. Jimmy not only plays several instruments proficiently, but has also developed into a strong vocalist with a soothing voice that captures the epitome of country and bluegrass music. Now interested in pursuing a solo career, Jimmy had the good fortune to learn from the best. Jimmy already has four record albums to his credit, plus his own original compositions, which  are featured on his demo CD. Jimmy is a charming and witty entertainer who has won acclaim from country and bluegrass fans of all ages around the world. His authentic style, signature talent and sparkling personality engage his audiences to feel and appreciate his spirit; a spirit that communicates love, friendship and happiness through the universal language of music. Please take a moment to listen to his music and see if you heartily agree with another writer who remarked: "Talent like his is what makes one most confident that country and bluegrass music will always flourish.”
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